Work Life vs. Mom Life Balancing Tips

We have a ton of expectations put on us as moms. Between cooking, cleaning, budgeting, meal planning, attending sporting events, playing nurse ..(the list goes on!) and in some occasions to even work a full time job. High five to the moms that do it, because some of us still haven’t figured it all out yet. I have had a good share of working full time, part time, and working at home while trying to balance every bit of mom life, so I’m here to share my best tips..

Get on a schedule – This is priority! Start out by writing a template of what your day is like now and include the must do’s like cooking, getting ready, breakfast, and even laundry. If you have an hour or two of “free time” during naps or while the kids are at school be sure to use up this time for things you need to do alone like writing, emails, or phone calls. Be sure to insert time for rest and family time. I have an example of what my daily schedule looks like here. The schedule system keeps my family and I stay organized an on track throughout the week!

Set goals – Each Monday, I write out a specific list of everything I want to get accomplished this week. This includes work, home and family related goals. On Thursday I might notice the weather is going to be warmer than usual, so I would make it a goal to have a picnic at the park. Or Friday, I might have a client that needs a project done. I make sure to include everything that has a priority over normal daily chores also like mopping the floors or taking down Halloween decorations. When all your goals are set, be sure to jot them down as tasks to complete on your schedule so you’ll always stay on top of completing them!

Invest in an agenda or calendar– In recent years, I’ve never been known to even look at the calendar (other than my phone). I’d occasionally miss birthdays, anniversaries and even annual events that our family has longed to attend. Now, I like to buy ONE calendar at the beginning of the year, and include each birthday or anniversary that I’d like to remember or celebrate. I also include things that I know are going to happen throughout the year like school events or even sales. We like to set a reminder in our Amazon Alexa for the most important dates, so we’re extra prepared. You can create a custom calendar at for a decent price. It is truly a lifesaver!

Plan your meals – So, your days are filled with work, chores and what ever else life throws at you, but we can’t forget about the most important thing.. MEALS! Meal planning is a necessity, especially if you’re trying to save money! Yes, it’s so easy to just get in your car and go grab a quick bite – BUT it’s easier (and cheaper) to have something at least set out and planned for. It also keeps your mind at ease and less thrown off when it’s time to eat!

Teach your kids about alone time – This is for the older kids! Children benefit from alone time, especially tweens/teens. Alone time is a form of self care, it helps our brains relax and wind down after being around so many people throughout the day. Alone time can also boost productivity and help independence. Let them have some quiet time reading a magazine or listening to music for a half hour or so! This also benefits you as you’ll get a little extra time to yourself or household tasks.

Accept that nothing will ever be perfect– Always never. Sometimes, as moms, we get so caught up into trying to be that perfect *Super Mom* and we forget that it’s literally not possible. The dishes will not always be clean, work will never be completely done, and not everybody will always be happy. Just try to remember that things won’t always be this way!

Always show up for you and them– In our household, we strive to put family first. Remember earlier in the week when you wrote down all your weekly goals? Try to include at least 2-3 times per week of “family time” or events. Have a movie night, make crafts together, or just go for a walk! Remember that this is the reason why you’re doing it all… Family!

We know it’s hard playing multiple roles in any household. But it’s always great to have motivation and some place to start. What tips do you have for keeping life balanced?

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11 thoughts on “Work Life vs. Mom Life Balancing Tips”

  1. Teaching your kids how to entertain themselves is key! My daughter is now 8 and will entertain herself for hours, crafting or building Legos. I couldn’t work at home if she needed constant attention!


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