8 *Must-Do* Thanksgiving Traditions


Ahhh, the Holidays! Many of us have a love hate relationship with the majority of the holidays as they tend to be frantic with all the shopping, traveling, cooking, and not to mention cleaning up afterwards. Sometimes we get so stuck in the rush and forget what the holidays are all about – bringing family together. What better way to celebrate togetherness than to create a tradition?

Thanksgiving at my house mostly starts off as a calm day . I begin preparing food and cooking in the morning, and then later we travel to a relative’s house for an early dinner with the family. Throughout the day, we try to incorporate as much family time as we can. Whether you’re the one hosting or attending the Thanksgiving meal, these traditions are sure to bring out the interaction and get the thankful vibes going!

Simple Breakfast – Sure, you have the day off and it’s the one time you’ll actually have a chance to cook for breakfast. But remember, you’ll already have a ton of dishes from the cooking today and you don’t want to eat too heavy so you can save room for the feast later! Instead, opt in for something quick that requires minimal dishes. Even a simple box of Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls can go a long way. Have the family join in and help add the icing!

Macy’s Day Parade – Now it’s time to grab your bites and head to the family room for some good old TV! The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been broadcast live since 1948! It is known as one of the world’s largest parades and takes place in New York City. This parade showcases some of the most creative and gigantic floats, plus offers some dance and musical performances. It’s sure to entertain even the little ones! Parade starts at 9AM EST on NBC!

Cooking/Baking Together – Whether you’re bringing one dish or providing the entire feast, let the kids join in on the culinary fun! This is not only great for your children to build skills in the kitchen, but also gives them an opportunity to take part in something big. Just think, when you bring that Green Bean Casserole to Uncle George’s house, your child can say “I helped make that!”. BONUS – Let everyone take part in the clean up after the cooking also! This is a great way to remind them that everyone in the house eats, so everyone should take a part in every aspect of the help.

Make it Outdoors – By the time Thanksgiving hits, it’s pretty cool outside, but not yet freezing. If it’s a sunny day, grab a jacket and step outside! Drag a relative with you and go for a walk around the block, watch the turkeys fly, and enjoy the soundless sky. You’ll get some fresh air and a little peace away from all the craziness going on indoors.

Do a Good Deed – Usually most public businesses are closed on this Holiday, but there are a few places crunching to stay open – which means employees have to sacrifice their time too. Bring the whole family along to take the time to visit one of these places and compliment the worker(s) on how awesome they are for working this day! Maybe even throw a small gift basket together to brighten their day. Whatever your good deed may be, it’s the sense of really giving back.

Game Night – Let’s face it, most of the night will be crowded around a table anyways, so why not throw in a few games? Card games like Uno, War, and Goldfish are a sure win for almost every age!

The Thankful Game – This is such a wonderful reminder of what Thanksgiving is really about. Have everyone sit in a circle and give each person a piece of paper and pen. Put a bowl in the middle of the circle. Each person gets to write about 3 things they are most thankful for this year and put the paper in the jar. When everyone is done adding things to the jar, go around the room and each person picks a paper out of the bowl and reads one of the lists. It’s a great way to learn about what is really important to each one of us and to take a step back and enjoy the moment.

Hot Cocoa & Thanksgiving Movie – What better way to wind down from all the fun than to sit back and enjoy a nice warm cup of hot chocolate? Yes, kids can be messy, especially around carpet, which is why I like these reusable Spill Proof Coffee Cups for nights like these! There are so many options on the playlist for the perfect Thanksgiving movies, but you could start with the classics like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Freebirds, or even go with a National Lampoon’s to really get in the holiday spirit!

These are just a handful of traditions that I’ve tried that are great to get the Thanksgiving spirit started. What other traditions are you faithful to on this Holiday?

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6 thoughts on “8 *Must-Do* Thanksgiving Traditions”

  1. These are the perfect traditions! We always start the day with a Turkey Trot followed by cinnamon buns and the parade!


  2. These are such wonderful ideas. Our kids are pretty small but I’ve definitely been thinking about traditions surrounding holidays. I like the idea of getting outside. Kids love being outside and it’s such a nice way to take a break from it all.


  3. Love family traditions I think they are so important, also love cinnamon scrolls so maybe this Christmas we can do them for breakfast and create a new tradition for our family


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