12 New Year Traditions – for the whole Family

Second to Christmas, New Year’s is the most busiest time of year. With all the after Christmas rush, vacation traveling, and shopping, on top of getting ready for the New Year and the party to come!

There are many ways people around the world celebrate NYE. -many of which include many non-kid-friendly activities. But, who says the kid’s shouldn’t be included in the festivities? Here are the 12 BEST Kid-Friendly NYE Traditions to ring in the New Year with the whole family!

  • Ball Drop – The NYE Classic Ball Drop has been happening since 1907. The NYE Ball – also known as the Time’s Square Ball may be located in New York, but the Ball Drop and celebration is broadcast live on FOX. The show begins at 6PM with live performances. If you’re looking for something that accommodates an early bedtime and a little more kid-friendly, YouTube has many countdown shows to go along with. Best part is.. you (or they) don’t have to wait until midnight!
  • Board Games – Board games are back in and kids love them! – Don’t pull out the Monopoly just yet. There’s plenty of kid approved games that YOU will love too. Try new games like “Throw Throw Burrito” or “Don’t Make Me Laugh”. Matching games and puzzles are a sure win for the younger ones.
  • Dance Party – Who doesn’t love to dance? Create a playlist, stream YouTube or Spotify, or just throw in a your favorite CD. However you jam, make it fun. Have a dance competition to see who can last the longest. Be sure to throw in the Electric Slide and Macarena!
  • Make Goals for the Year – What better way to get a head start on the New Year than to create goals? What are some things you wish you would have done this year but didn’t? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be work or school related) Go to the state fair? Go visit Uncle James out of state? Whatever it is, get the whole family involved and let each person come up with something.
  • Photo Album – Gather up all your photos from the past year and turn them into an album or scrapbook. Make it fun and add stickers, and phrases! Don’t worry, if most of your photos are on your computer or phone, Walgreen’s makes it easy to turn them into prints! Simply download the app, select photos and print! Most locations even offer prints within 1 hour!
  • Bake Something New – Cake Pops, Oreo Balls, Candy Bar Pie. There are so many one-of-a-kind desserts and dishes you can create by just “throwing” things together. Make memories in the kitchen and teach your kids some cooking skills while you’re at it. Try a new concoction – it may or may not taste great, but hey, at least you had fun making it!
  • Brighten Someone’s Day – Some where out there, someone got stuck working New Year’s Eve. Put together a small gift (candle, card, lotion), or re-gift something you may not use. Visit a local restaurant or grocery store that you know is open and give a small gift to an employee. It’s a small gesture that is sure to put a smile on someone’s face!
  • Take the Christmas Tree Down – There’s no law that states the tree has to come down immediately after Christmas. Taking down the Christmas Tree can become a family event just as putting it up was. Have each person take their ornaments off and wrap them neatly. Enjoy some hot cocoa and Christmas music while you’re at it. After all, you’ve got a whole night ahead of you!
  • NYE Movies – Some of my greatest memories on NYE as a child were watching Zenon and the all Zequals until what felt like mid morning. (It was probably only 10PM, but still) Disney movies bring such a good vibe to the setting and if you haven’t gotten Disney+ already.. Now’s the time! Plans start at just $6.99/mo. There are SO many (nostalgic) movies and shows available! Trust me, you’ll ALL love it!
  • Sleepover – What better way to celebrate the new year than with the ones you love? Invite close friends or family to spend the night. Let them join in on all the festivities with you.
  • Plan out the Year – Well..not the ENTIRE year! Pick up a calendar for the next year and sit down and write each birthday, anniversary or important date you’d like to remember. Even add events like the county fair or concerts that you’d like to attend. This will not only save you time planning for things, but it will also prepare you if you need to save up money for gifts or tickets!
  • Say Goodbye to Old Items – New year celebration is about closing a chapter in our book and opening another. Some of us make resolutions to say goodbye to old habits, so why not do the same with items? Make it a resolution to de-clutter this NYE by gathering up items that don’t bring you joy. This will bring in more room for happiness in the year to come.

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8 thoughts on “12 New Year Traditions – for the whole Family”

  1. These are some great ideas. So glad to see that k already do a lot of them. One other thing which is super important for me crossing over into the new year is spending time with the Lord.


  2. These are all great ideas. I am especially loving the photo album idea and the getting rid of old stuff idea. That’s a great idea to start the new year!


  3. Cute ideas. I come from a country where New Year is a big celebration, we celebrate Christmas in January and it’s actually a religious celebration. But for New Year we put up a tree, have a dinner with family and friends, stay up way past midnight and watch shows and movies dedicated to NYE. Kids can absolutely participate in this. I remember being one of the last people in the family to go to sleep on NYE and absolutely loved it. Dance parties never hurt.


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