8 Ways to Earn Extra Cash as a Student

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Between being a college student and having to work either a full time or a part time job only to support yourself, life can easily become tiring and still leave you scrounging for cash. We know it’s hard – and you’ve got bills to pay. Here’s a few  ways you can boost your income without forfeiting all your remaining energy!

Grocery Shopping for Others – After school or on the weekends.. Companies like Instacart have made it easy to sign up to become a Grocery Shopper AND choose your own hours. You simply go to the grocery store and shop the provided list on the app, and deliver the order. The pay per order can range anywhere from $8-$40 (depending on your area and customer tip). Instacart pays out straight to your bank account weekly. Don’t worry, they send you everything you need to start. For more info, visit the Instacart sign up page here.


Sell T-Shirts for School Activities –  Does your school have a ton of clubs, sports, or community events? Why not use this opportunity to make a little extra cash by selling personalized graphic tee’s? Not only will Jem’s Apparel allow you to upload your own graphics onto a T-shirt, but they also allow you to make up to 35% commission on all your shirts sold! Simply sign up to become a Jem’s Apparel Affiliate here and start selling today. — You’ll immediately have access to the affiliate dashboard and earn 25% commission all their products too! (Affiliate enrollment is only $5)


Pick up a Gig Delivering Food – Online ordering has grown 300 percent since 2015, so it’s no wondering that 31% of Americans claim that they order food deliver at least 1-2 times per week. This leaves the Food Delivery companies booming for business – and needing more drivers. Third-party companies like DoorDash, UberEats, and Grubhub will pay you to pick up food from local restaurants and deliver them to customers, you can even collect tips! You can even choose your own schedule and orders, plus, they’ll provide you with all the necessities. Sign up for DoorDash here and earn an extra $100 after your first delivery.

Get Cash Back – With all the the rewards and cash back programs available these days, you can ultimately receive cash back at nearly any store you shop!  If you’re a big online shopper, don’t worry, there’s cash back for that too! Rakuten offers cash back at nearly 1000’s of stores, and they now offer In-store cash back, where you can link any credit or debit card and voila! Rakuten offers cash back at stores like Walmart, Bath & Body Works, Groupon, Gap, and SO much more! Join Rakuten and earn an extra $10 here.

Use Your Following – Got a lot of friends or followers on social media? Put that social status to use and start earning! Work with brands and companies you love to help sell their products. Many people do this by taking nice pictures and rave about their favorite items on social media. Brands like Goli, Kinder Beauty, and Official Burrito Blanket have designed free Affiliate programs so you can easily share links and earn commission. Some brands may even pay you up front in exchange for a photo if you contact them with all the deets.

Flip Items – We’ve all heard about it, but is it actually possible? The answer is Yes! You can find tons of valuable items for dirt cheap at garage sales, thrift stores or craigslist and turn around to sell them on websites like Ebay, or Mercari for bigger bucks! Do your research and check the value on items before you buy, so you’ll know whether that item is worth it or if you should pass. High ticket items are usually a big part in nostalgia like beanie babies or board games. But, you can even flip a pair of Nike’s for a great price, too! Sign up for Mercari and get a $10 bonus here!

Take Beautiful Photos – Have a knack for awesome photos? Consider being a professional photographer! Many websites like Shutter Stock or Adobe Stock offer platforms for you to sell your photos to paying customers- who will use them for ads, websites, & more!

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Sell your Knowledge – Have an expertise on a specific subject? Great at playing the viola? Know how to create glamorous digital content? Offer tutoring sessions with a peer, music lessons to a family friend, or even help to a small business with digital marketing. Find a local community group on Facebook and create a post describing what you have to offer. If you’re leaning more on the technical side, Fiverr is a great app to get started to earn extra cash. You can post your expertise, what you offer (video creating, blog posting, even podcast shoutouts), and how much you’re charging for that task. People from all around the world will be able to connect with you and you’ll receive your payment safely through the Fiverr app after the work is complete.


What are your favorite ways to earn extra cash or save money? Tell us below what you think!

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