Hi, I’m Nicole, also known as Projectivity Mom! I am a frugal and blessed wife and mom. I grew up in a close-knit family. My parents were very savvy with their money since I was young, so as an adult I took to their ways and set out to experience the life of frugality myself!

When Frugal Became a Must

Like I mentioned previously, I’ve always been pretty savvy. But, within the past couple years, my husband and I found ourselves in a situation where we needed to buckle down. He was working full time, and I needed to stay home with the children, so I had the time to figure out just the right plan. We were never really sticking to a straight budget before, so I came up with our own budget plan and managed to actually save MORE money than I was working full time!

This Lead Me to Doing What I Love

I have always enjoyed writing, but what I love doing more is helping others. While in the midst of figuring out the ins and outs of budgeting and what worked for our family. I realized that I had actually over came a TON of trial and error. “It sure would have been nice to know some of these things would or wouldn’t have worked for us beforehand” I’d thought. Which is why I created Projectivity Mom – to share with others my experience along the way and what had (and hadn’t) worked for us, and fun stuff along the way!

The #projectivity movement is all about balancing a productive lifestyle along with anything life throws at you – money hardships, etc.- which I refer to as projects (an opportunity to learn more). Here at Projectivity Mom, I offer a range of information, tips and advice on Parenting, Frugality, Finance, Spending, Organizing, and yes, even DIY Projects. So you can Invest in yourself, invest in your family and invest in life!


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