20 Ways to Earn Income as a Stay at Home Parent

Earning an income from home has its challenges as with anything. In the past, I’ve pinched pennies and squeezed as many turnips as I could, but still somehow wasn’t able to make what I needed. I’ve tried all the trends in direct sales, and supposed “online jobs” and much more research, but nothing ever stuck to me. I had always felt that it wasn’t who I was. I’d often thought “What if I just make a list of all the POSSIBLE things that I could do day in and out and just run with it”.  So I did…. And it’s my gift to you! Now remember, these things aren’t meant for you to “get rich quick”, but for you to have comfortability earning money on your time.

  • Sell your Junk – We all have things lying around our house that we don’t want, need, or even use! Give them a new home and make some cash while doing so! List them on Marketplaces, Ebay, or even take them to a consignment store. You’ll love the extra space you have in your home and the extra cash! 
  • Babysit – Not finding yourself doing anything in particular next Friday night? Offer to babysit for a family member or friend for a date night or even to watch over an animal while a neighbor is going out of town.
  • Get Cash Back – I don’t know about you, but I end up doing a LOT of shopping online, even for necessities like toilet paper or non-perishable items. My #1 choice for getting cash back on all my purchases is Rakuten!  They offer cash back AND deals at 1000’s of stores! I get so excited when my check comes in the mail!
  • Refer a Friend – Have a favorite Salon or service you use every month? Ask them if they have a refer a friend program. If you can get them some extra business, it’s likely they’ll give you a nice discount or bonus the next time you use their services!
  • Paint Curbs – This is overlooked but also so useful! On many houses, it can be complicated to see the address numbers. Offer to paint the numbers on the side of the curb or even on the mailbox. It’s such a helpful task and will ultimately pay for itself after a couple gigs!
  • Sell at a Farmers Market – There’s so many things you can make, cook, or even bake and sell at a farmer’s market! You don’t even have to be a crafty person. One year, we supplied our entire “fun” budget just by selling lemonade at a farmer’s market. It only take’s a few simple steps to set up!
  • Deliver food on your own time – Many people think that working for a food delivery service requires committing a bunch effort and time. With DoorDash, it’s actually very simple to become a driver, there isn’t even an interview process! Once you sign up, you’ll have access to choose your own schedule in 30 minute increments. When orders come in, you’ll have the decision to accept or decline orders you’re offered – so much flexibility! DoorDash also offers incentives for busier times during the week. Many dashers can even make up to $25 an hour! Sign up today and earn an extra $100 after your first 200 deliveries!
  • Start a Blog – A little cliche, but if you know what you’re doing, you can really make a steady income doing so. But, you have to find a niche and have a plan! Most bloggers make 90% of their income using placement ads. You can even make extra cash by writing posts for other blogs through gig apps like Fiverr
  • Take Surveys – I’ve had a few friends that have signed up for Swagbucks or Inbox dollars and have done surveys for cash! It’s not necessarily a steady income, but it’s any money is a little extra spending money earned!
  • Captioning – The corporate world is expected to incorporate more and more videos into marketing and training in the upcoming years, so captioning jobs should be rising. Most captioning gigs are online and can easily be done in your own time. Companies like Rev will pay incentives per video captioned.  
  • Have a Garage Sale – Things pile up over the years. I make it a yearly tradition to declutter every room in the house and have a garage sale! Make sure you organize your items accordingly and adjust your prices to sell! On the last day of our garages sales, we advertise that everything has been marked half off! After all, you weren’t going to keep it anyway, right?
  • Become a VIP Kid Teacher – You don’t necessarily have to have a college degree to do so! Some fields may only require a Diploma to teach! It’s a great way to only work a small amount of time and earn extra cash! VIP Kid pays per lesson and lessons usually last about 25 minutes!
  • Direct Selling – Many direct selling companies get bad reps from sales people being too pushy! But, there is actually a pretty great market out there for companies like Scentsy, Legging Army, and Jamberry due to loyal customers whose representatives have quit selling!
  • Take Awesome Photos – Have a knack for taking beautiful photos? Consider being a professional photographer! Many websites offer platforms for you to sell your photos to paying customers- who will use them for ads, websites, & more! 
  •      Write a Book – If you’re knowledgeable on a specific topic and feel you have some valuable information you could share, you should consider writing an e-book! There’s many available platforms that make writing and selling finished books so easy in this day and age!
  • Get Paid to Party – If you’re not quite into the direct selling niche, but have a lot of friends and family to market to, you could throw a party. Many direct selling companies offer incentives like cash bonuses or free items if you offer to invite your friends for a get together! Make it fun and throw in some queso and board games!

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