Work Life vs. Mom Life Balancing Tips

We have a ton of expectations put on us as moms. Between cooking, cleaning, budgeting, meal planning, attending sporting events, playing nurse ..(the list goes on!) and in some occasions to even work a full time job. High five to the moms that do it, because some of us still haven’t figured it all out yet. I have had a good share of working full time, part time, and working at home while trying to balance every bit of mom life, so I’m here to share my best tips..

Get on a schedule – This is priority! Start out by writing a template of what your day is like now and include the must do’s like cooking, getting ready, breakfast, and even laundry. If you have an hour or two of “free time” during naps or while the kids are at school be sure to use up this time for things you need to do alone like writing, emails, or phone calls. Be sure to insert time for rest and family time. I have an example of what my daily schedule looks like here. The schedule system keeps my family and I stay organized an on track throughout the week!

Set goals – Each Monday, I write out a specific list of everything I want to get accomplished this week. This includes work, home and family related goals. On Thursday I might notice the weather is going to be warmer than usual, so I would make it a goal to have a picnic at the park. Or Friday, I might have a client that needs a project done. I make sure to include everything that has a priority over normal daily chores also like mopping the floors or taking down Halloween decorations. When all your goals are set, be sure to jot them down as tasks to complete on your schedule so you’ll always stay on top of completing them!

Invest in an agenda or calendar– In recent years, I’ve never been known to even look at the calendar (other than my phone). I’d occasionally miss birthdays, anniversaries and even annual events that our family has longed to attend. Now, I like to buy ONE calendar at the beginning of the year, and include each birthday or anniversary that I’d like to remember or celebrate. I also include things that I know are going to happen throughout the year like school events or even sales. We like to set a reminder in our Amazon Alexa for the most important dates, so we’re extra prepared. You can create a custom calendar at for a decent price. It is truly a lifesaver!

Plan your meals – So, your days are filled with work, chores and what ever else life throws at you, but we can’t forget about the most important thing.. MEALS! Meal planning is a necessity, especially if you’re trying to save money! Yes, it’s so easy to just get in your car and go grab a quick bite – BUT it’s easier (and cheaper) to have something at least set out and planned for. It also keeps your mind at ease and less thrown off when it’s time to eat!

Teach your kids about alone time – This is for the older kids! Children benefit from alone time, especially tweens/teens. Alone time is a form of self care, it helps our brains relax and wind down after being around so many people throughout the day. Alone time can also boost productivity and help independence. Let them have some quiet time reading a magazine or listening to music for a half hour or so! This also benefits you as you’ll get a little extra time to yourself or household tasks.

Accept that nothing will ever be perfect– Always never. Sometimes, as moms, we get so caught up into trying to be that perfect *Super Mom* and we forget that it’s literally not possible. The dishes will not always be clean, work will never be completely done, and not everybody will always be happy. Just try to remember that things won’t always be this way!

Always show up for you and them– In our household, we strive to put family first. Remember earlier in the week when you wrote down all your weekly goals? Try to include at least 2-3 times per week of “family time” or events. Have a movie night, make crafts together, or just go for a walk! Remember that this is the reason why you’re doing it all… Family!

We know it’s hard playing multiple roles in any household. But it’s always great to have motivation and some place to start. What tips do you have for keeping life balanced?

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How to Declutter a Room in 4 Easy Steps

As each day goes on, mail, paperwork, dishes, boxes, toys, clothes, you name it is bound to pile up! No matter how organized you are, clutter is more than likely to creep at least one room in your home eventually, there’s no preventing it. Sometimes, life gets so busy, that we don’t actually realize we have clutter building up in the next room. We’ve all been there. 

  Clutter is one of my least favorite things ever. I can even remember as a child, I would take apart my room and declutter my toys and books at least once a year! It’s just always bugged me. As an adult, I’m realizing that yes, it gets harder to not build up clutter, but it doesn’t have to be hard to sort through it. I’m also finding ways to limit clutter each and every day. Here are my 4 tips when you have a clutter filled room: 

  1. Spread things out and sort through them. It’s so much easier when things are displayed right in front of you. If you can’t get to everything at once, work in sections. When you’re sorting, have 3 bins available: 1 for trash or donations, 1 to keep, and 1 to come back later. This way, at least you’ll get rid of all the trash first, leaving it easier to sort through the next round. My favorite affordable organizing bins are linked here – you can use them for practically anything
  2. When I’m deciding if I want to keep something, I like to use a little trick that I heard from a friend, “If it doesn’t bring you joy, toss it”. Say you have a sweater that you never wear because it doesn’t fit you exactly the way you’d like, but you keep it anyway because it’s your absolute favorite color. I would consider this a “toss” or “donate” item. When you wear that sweater, you won’t feel joy wearing it because you don’t exactly like the way it fits. This can go for non-clothes items also like statues, pictures, toys, books. If you’re keeping something that you’ll probably never use, display, or enjoy looking at then it’s simply taking up space!

3. Round 2 Sorting – First, start with your “keep” bin. If there’s too many items in there, go through them a second time and ask your self “When will I use this next?” If it isn’t in the next 6-12 months, I’d toss it!  Do the same with the “come back later” bin. 

4. Now that you have chosen the items that mean the most to you, it’s time to organize! Think about how the clutter got there in the first place. Was it mail piling up on the kitchen counter, or just toys and clothes piling up from the past year? Whatever it is, designate it to a new destination! For the mail, put a small basket on the side table near the front door, or hang a tiny shelf on the wall by the coat rack. Cubby or Drawer organizers work great for toys and clothes. Find what works best for your family and make it a habit to put things where they go.

One simple step each day can lead to a simpler (and not so cluttered) life, which leads to more family time and less stress for you!

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A Stay-at-Home Mom Schedule – How to Manage Your Time

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a fan of disorganization. I mean, who actually is anyway? Life can get out of order quick between work, sports, cooking, and cleaning, especially if you’re not able to grasp a hold of the basics. Implementing a daily routine and schedule has sort of been a life saver for my family. If you haven’t read my blog about the block schedule we follow, you can check it out here.

Not only do we go by a schedule, but we implement small things that help us keep the disorder a tad more together throughout the entire day. 

Things that you can easily apply to your everyday tasks to help you get things done faster, and more efficient! (Heck Yes!) Here’s a simplified version of my daily routine and how things usually go in our household.

  • Wake Up on Time – And don’t, I repeat, DON’T hit snooze. Giving yourself an extra 5 minutes of sleep will only make you more tired than you were the first time your alarm went off. To help ease into full awakeness, I try turning on some uplifting music, or a favorite podcast on the Alexa Echo Show.
  • Before I Get out the Door – Take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, brew some tea, take vitamins. Not only do I do those basic to-dos, but this is also the time where I like to make sure I have everything set out or thawed for dinner that night and a load of laundry and dishes done. I have a blog post that goes into depth on how to keep the chaos out of mornings! You’ll find many helpful tips to keep this idea into rhythm. Check it out here!
  • Work Mode – This is the time that I call my “free” time, now that I am a stay at home mom. The kids are off to school and I have a few hours to myself. During this period, I put anything related to work as a first priority, then answer to any phone calls, emails, and social media, and lastly house work. I usually do either 2 or 3 loads of laundry a day, so this would be the time that the second gets done, and then I would focus on preparing lunch and preparing dinner items. (It’s usually about 2 or 3 in the afternoon when I start dinner) Trust me, it eliminates a TON of clutter! Oh, and I try to get a load of dishes going in the dish washer.
  • Family Time– Everyone is getting home from school and work. We sit down and empty our backpacks, lunch boxes, and workloads.  This would also be the time that we participate in any sports activities, school events, etc. (if there’s any going on that night). This is the second most hectic part of the day, which is why I use my own time to prepare for dinner when I can.
  • Prep for the Night + Dinner – We start preparing for tomorrow, lunches planned and made, backpacks ready to grab, and last load of dishes and laundry done. We try to sit at the table and eat together as a family each night. Sometimes sports run late and do not allow this, so some of us may start to wind down, while the others are just getting home. After dinner is all said and done, we clean up the kitchen as a family. I believe if we all eat, we all should chip in! Not just the person who cooks because that would just make the workload bigger for them. The kids help us with wiping the table and sweeping, while we do dishes and clean the counters.
  • Wind Down –  After dinner is the time we start to wind down. Anything that we haven’t gotten accomplished previously that needs attention like homework or packing lunches, we do it now. Showers and bath time. If we have any free time before bedtime comes, we allow the kids to have electronic time, TV or Tablet.
  • Bedtime – We brush our teeth, read stories and tuck in time. Before I go to bed, I like to grab my notepad and write down anything that’s on my mind that I would want to get done the next day. It’s a trick I learned from an old friend, it helps you de-stress and be one step ahead!

Not every day is the same, and of course weekends are totally different! Some nights we will go out to eat, which will eliminate the cooking part(s) of the day. But for the most part, this is a good outline on an average day for us! 

What steps do you take in your daily routine to get ready for tomorrow?

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10 Tips to Make your Morning Easier

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of waking up late, accidentally skipping breakfast, and rushing out the door. Countless times I’ve felt like I just simply couldn’t handle mornings… or maybe I just wasn’t a morning person. That wasn’t the case, I’ve grown to like mornings now. Yes, mornings are always going to be crazy, we have to accept that as parents. BUT, they don’t have to be hectic. Simple steps you can take TODAY will help you a great deal tomorrow morning! 

  • Think about Breakfast – In our house, breakfast was usually the messiest and indecisive part of the morning. It would take our kids at least 5 minutes to decide what they actually wanted, and usually they would choose something that takes a lot of effort to cook, not to mention the dishes afterwards! Instead, conversate with them about what’s going to be available for breakfast the next day. Make sure you have at least 2-3 options available for grabs without any necessity of cooking in the morning. Each week, I like to add at least 1 breakfast item like burritos or egg roll ups to my meal prep, it keeps mornings simple and takes a load off on dishes!
  • Set your Clothes out – Ever sat in front of your closet and couldn’t decide what to wear? Yep! On average, it takes us 10 minutes longer to get dressed and ready for the day if we don’t already have our clothes picked out.  Before you go to bed, try to go through everything you’ll wear the next day, including socks, shoes, and any accessories, then set them aside near where you normally get dressed. You’ll have everything right there in one spot instead of going back and forth to different drawers. 
  • Pack Bags and Backpacks – Kids have homework last night and leave everything scattered all over the table? Can’t find your wallet or forgot where you put your keys? You definitely don’t want to risk being late in the morning because you were searching for these items. Instead, pack your purse, backpacks, or any bag you’ll need the next day and set them by the door. You’ll be so thankful the next morning when you remember your keys are where you actually intended to put them!
  • Clean – Think about all the morning motions you go through that involve cleaning. The dirty clothes, laundry, dishes, picking up here and there. Before bedtime, try to pick items off the floor, unload the dishwasher, or start a new load of laundry in the washer. It’ll put you one extra step ahead of the game tomorrow.
  • Set your Alarm – Yes, yes, it’s a given. But I’m not talking about your average wake up call. I have 3 alarms set in the morning. 1. To wake up (of course) 2. Time to eat breakfast and 3. To start heading out the door. When the second alarm goes off, we know we should be dressed and in the kitchen. By the third alarm, we’re all ready to head out. Planning what you’ll have accomplished in between alarms is key. It’s helped us to wake up and be dressed before breakfast time, then after breakfast, finish up hair and anything that needs attention before we leave.
  • Eliminate TV Time – It’s so easy to get sucked into electronics, and so hard to pull yourself (and kids) out of them! Skip the hassle and opt into an electronic free morning. Instead, if you have free time, make it a habit to start up an interesting conversation together, study spelling words, or even do morning chores! 
  • Make a List – Many adults suffer from lack of sleep and much of it can be due to overthinking. Have a notebook and pen by your side at bedtime. Take 5 minutes and go through the motions of today and tomorrow and write down anything that you need to accomplish or what comes to mind. This will help empty your brain before bedtime, making you feel less stressed and more relaxed. Plus, when you wake up, you’ll have your goals set without having to think about it all over again!
  • Plan for Lunch the Day Before – This has been an absolute game changer in our house. Not only does it save time in the mornings, but it also saves us a ton of money in the long run. No more trying to throw a quick sandwich together or just giving up altogether and going out for lunch. This trick will save you from even going out AND save you money on groceries! The day before, start thinking about what you can make for lunch, think about things that are just sitting in your fridge waiting to be eaten. Maybe throw a chicken salad together, or a cheese quesadilla with salsa. Grab some fruit and a couple pieces of celery with peanut butter, it pays to get creative! Prepare all lunches while you’re making dinner the night before and have it ready to pack in the fridge.
  • Adopt a Ritual – Not a morning person? I feel you, I do! What helped me turn from night owl to morning rooster was a change in my pace and outlook on mornings. Turns out, I was staying up a little too late and not getting anything accomplished at night, which made me cranky in the morning. Try going to bed or settling down an hour or 2 earlier so you can get a little extra shut eye. Then, if you’re feeling spontaneous enough, start getting up a little earlier each day to maybe indulge in a cup of coffee or enjoy a few minutes to yourself. Make it a ritual to do something you enjoy in the mornings too! This will help your body kind of stress down and rev up for the day.
  • Leave Room for Mishaps – Of course you’re not going to be able to implicate every single one of these steps tomorrow morning. There will be days where you forget about your lunch, or your alarm doesn’t go off. Nobody and no day is ever perfect 100% of the time. It’s all about balance. Adding one simple step each day will help produce healthy and productive habits.

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